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Email #1

Subject: 10-Second AntiFat Protocol (PROOF Inside)
Alt Subject: 10 Seconds/Day = Flat Belly

Hold up!

There’s a simple 10-second “antifat” protocol that you can start doing tonight to boost your metabolism… proven by studies conducted at King’s College London.

Here it is:

==> THIS 10 Second Protocol Boosts Metabolism & Flattens Your Belly

Sound unbelievable?

I don’t blame you, but it’s all backed up by years of research and studies.

See for yourself how people are dropping 10, 20, even 50 pounds of stubborn
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To the body of your dreams,
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Email #2

Subject: Healthy Bacteria Dissolves Body Fat Overnight?
Alt Subject: The Healthy “AntiFat” Bacteria

In 2014, scientists uncovered a healthy bacteria living in your gut that burns body fat and increases your metabolism.

There’s just one small problem...

You Don’t Have It!

If you’re overweight, it’s most likely because you lost this bacteria that keeps thin people thin - no matter what they eat!

Watch The Presentation Now

But there is good news...

Recent breakthroughs in “gut science” have revealed what you must do to increase your levels of this 100% healthy and harmless bacteria.

And once you get it in your system - the results are incredible!

==> Just Follow This Simple 10-Second Protocol

To Banish Body Fat For Life,
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Email #3

Subject: Revealed: Secret Real Cause Of Weight Gain
Alt Subject: Diet & Exercise Don’t Work (This Does)

Eat chicken and broccoli and run on a treadmill, they said.

If it tastes good, spit it out!

If you don’t exercise till it hurts, you’ll stay big forever.


That’s all a BIG. FAT. LIE.

You know it’s true! If it was all about exercise and eating “right” - you’d been thin by now.

==> Turns Out You Are Missing This!

There’s something missing in your belly that helps you stay thin. If you don't have it, no amount of exercise or dieting will keep the weight off!

If you’re overweight, it’s most likely because you lost this important biological tool that keeps thin people thin - no matter what they eat!

And it gets even better - this is a simple fix, taking only 10 seconds a day. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

==> Watch The Presentation Now To Discover The Truth!

To Banish Body Fat For Life,
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PS - Diet & Exercise Don’t Work (This Does)

Email #4

Subject: Fat Loss Fix 1 Million Years In The Making
Alt Subject: Permanent Fat Loss Fix?

Would you believe the fat loss fix you’ve been looking for has been inside you all this time?

And that this “fix” is over one million years old?

In fact, when you’re born - you have this almost magical fat burner inside of you, but as you age, it vanishes…

Leaving you fat, sick, and desperate.

But there’s hope now…

==> This 10-Second AntiFat Protocol Can Flip Back On Your Fat Loss Switch!

5 Seconds In The Morning…

5 Seconds Before Bed…

==> And The Fat Melts Away

To Your Health,
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PS - Fat Loss Fix 1 Million Years In The Making (Watch This Now)

Email #5

Subject: Volunteers Needed For Menopausal Weight Loss Trial
Alt Subject: 40+ Women Looking To Lose Weight (open up)

A new opportunity has just opened up for women who have suffered from menopausal or peri-menopausal weight gain.

This company is seeking volunteers to test out this health approach to reversing the obesity clock without sacrificing your favorite foods or any cardio.

This Presentation Explains Everything

Go watch it now and see how you can take control of your weight and body again…

Go watch it now to see how much weight you can lose…

Go watch it now so you can create the body of your youth again

If available, this could be the answer to your prayers

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PS - Volunteers Needed For Menopausal Weight Loss Trial



40 - 65+


80% Female 
20% Male


Primary USA, secondary UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand


80% mobile, 12% tablet, 8% desktop

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Our offer converts well on all traffic types such as Facebook, Email, Native, YouTube, TikTok and more!


Weight loss, beauty, yoga, popular diets, hormones, supplements, popular talk shows, shopping, clothing, cosmetics, magazines, fast food.

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